Who We Are

We are Giulia and Filippo and, in addition to music and food, we love traveling.
Leafing through travel sites and blogs you often come across stories of people who have an unspeakable amount of time, resources and money, to undertake infinite journeys to unreachable destinations … and it is impossible not to wonder how they do it.

Our Blog instead serves to demonstrate how two people with a “normal” job, a mortgage to pay, and the holidays counted, can still leave the routine behind to indulge in small escapes lasting an afternoon, like travel to distant lands.

We will try to better tell our experiences, and to offer all the advice we can offer so that we can leave traces of our growth as travelers and in the meantime help others like us to take the first steps in exploring the world around us.

In case we don’t express ourselves well about some details (or maybe we decide to leave them out for specific reasons) contact us as well and ask any questions you want! We will be super happy to help you! 🙂

Giulia and Filippo